Tan Truong (198ha, full)

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A multi-sector industrial park, situated in Hai Duong province, commenced construction in 2006 with a total area of 198 hectares.  Currently, Tan Truong Industrial Park has succeeded in attracting more than 25 investors from Japan, Taiwan, Denmark, Maylaysia, Thai Lan, …with famous name such as Hitachi, CP Group, Mascot, Pegasus, Jaguar, Uniden…Tan Truong Industrial Park currently is considered as an attractive destination for investment.


Tan Truong Industrial Park situates in Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province with prominent advantage in transportation in connection with Hai Phong port, Noi Bai international airport…which is very convenient for enterprises importing, exporting and transporting goods and materials.

  • Distance to Hanoi city center: 50 km
  • Distance to Noi Bai International Airport: 67 km
  • Distance to Hai Phong port: 45 km
  • Distance to Cai Lan – Quang Ninh port: 60 km
  • Distance to China border checkpoint: 140 km
  • Distance to Hai Duong city: 11 km
  • Distance to Bac Ninh province: 50km


1. Land condition:

  • The land is filled up with sand, compaction: K>=0.9
  • Ground level: 3.2 m

2. Road system:

  • The road is spread asphalt with heavy loading to ensure favorable transportation to each land lot
  • Main road: 40 m
  • Branch road: 22.5 m

3. Power supply system: Sufficient and stable supply with total capacity of 103 MW.

4. Water supply system: Stable and qualified water supply from 02 sources (02 potable water treatment plants) with a capacity of 20,000 m3/day.

5. Wastewater treatment:

Wastewater treatment plant with capacity in Phase 1: 2,000 m3/day has been invested and operated.

6. IT facilities: is equipped with modern IT system with wide range of services. Services provided by Viettel, VNPT.

7. Security in the industrial zone

Tan Truong Industrial Park has established a police station near the IZ to ensure order and security. Professional security forces have the responsibility to maintain security and order in the IP, ensure the security and safety of the factories in the IP and protect the employees, and well manage and protect foreign employees working and residing in the area. These advantages creates a favorable environment to attract investment and create favorable conditions for enterprises in the industrial zone to develop their business operation.

8. Fire protection system: The water supply network for firefighting is designed in conjunction with the potable water supply network, which is located along the roads. The distance among fire hydrants is 120 m -150 m with a diameter of D125 mm.

9. Landscape:

Green trees are planted and taken care of in accordance with approved planning to ensure green – fresh – beautiful industrial zone. Green trees are planted and grown in accordance with overall planning and ensure green and clean environment of the IP.



Facts and Figures:

  • Province: Hai Duong
  • Area: 1,656 km2 km2
  • Population: 2,460,000 people
  • Labor forces: 40% of population in working age




Tan Truong is a multi sector manufacturing , located on highway No.5 connect Hanoi and Hai Phong and in the economics regional development

Distance to major cities

43 km from Ha Noi

Nearest Seaport

Hai Phong seaport: 50 km, Cai Lan - Quang Ninh deep seaport: 80km

Nearest Airport

Noi Bai International Airport: 70 km in 1.10 hour

Nearest railway station

Cao Xa Station connect to Hai Phong and Hanoi in 30 minutes (10 km)



Planning area

198 hectares

Area available for rent

12 hectares leasable and ready to handover

Zoning map





The system of internal roads: is designed to cater for reasonable travel for transport to each lot is easy, convenient downtown roads tien.Road system of centre is 36m wide. Branch road syste, is 24m wide. Street lighting system was installed along the route.


2 35kV-lines leading from the 110/22KV substation of Hai Duong city. High voltage power grid (22 KV) is arranged along the internal roads. Enterprises can invest and build low-voltage stations depending on power consumption of each enterprise


Fresh water plant is built with capacity of 19,000 m3/day. - Water system will be installed to the fence of every factory.

Contact Info

Tan Truong IZ shall be equipped with modern telecommunication system, meeting the communication demand of multi-services such as Internet, ADSL, Video Conference, VOIP, Fax, etc. An optical fiber system is installed underground to every factory. Ensure high speed date communication without interuption

Garbage disposal

Solid waste from the factories in the industrial park will be sorting, collection and transfer of waste dumps focus of Hai Duong.


Capacity: 5,000 m3/day


Maritime Bank, Vietcombank, ACB, Agribank, Techcombank...

Training School

Hai Duong vocational training college

Housing for workers

Residential workers, housing specialists and managers

Other gadgets

Fire prevention and fire fighting systems according to standard



Rents do not have the infrastructure

Free until 2020

The rental facilities

call Sale. TNI Holdings Vietnam

Electricity prices

EVN Hai Duong

water Rates

11.500 VND/m3

Labor costs

Zone 2 - 250 USD ++

Solid waste disposal fee

By 3rd parties supplier

Wastewater treatment fee

Level A: from 0.15 USD/m3; Level B: from 0.45 USD/m3... (VAT excluded)

Management fee

0.35 USD/m2/year

Other expenses



In operational

from 2005

Fill rate

100% occupied

The enterprises in the IZ

38 Japanese, Taiwan and Vietnamese

Investment Incentives

support from TNI Holdings




Located in the center of North Key Economics Zone, close to Hanoi, Hai Duong, Hung Yen City


No more land lot available


Food processing, Electronics, Garment, Auto sparse parts manufacturing...


Nearly full of land


Year of Investment Land Lot Tenant Projects
2005  CN 2.2  ANT (HN) Co., Ltd
2006  CN 1.1  IRISO Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd
2006  CN 1.2  UMC Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd
2007  CN3.1  MASCOT Vietnam Co., Ltd
2007  CN 1.3  Jaguar Hanoi International Co., Ltd
2007  CN 4.1  Evergreen Screw Industries Co., Ltd
2007  CN 2.6-7  VSM Japan Co., Ltd
2007  CN 3.4  SANKYU Vietnam – Hai Duong Branch
2007  CN 2.1  Chi Hua (Vietnam) Co., Ltd
2007  CN3-2  Yusen
2008  CN 3.2  YAS Logistics
2008  CN 4.2  Pegasus Vietnam Co., Ltd
2008  CN 6.3  IKKA (Vietnam) Co., Ltd
2008  CN 3-5  Valqua Việt Nam Co., Ltd
2008  CN 3-2.2  CHIAN YUEH Technology
2008  CN 6.4  Nishoku Việt Nam
2008  CN 6.1-2  Hitachi Cable Việt Nam
2010  CN 2.5  CP Vietnam JSC
2010  CN2-3  Ajinomoto Vietnam
2011  CN 5-1  UNIDEN Vietnam Co., Ltd
2011  CN12-3  Toko Mimtech
2012  CN8-3  Sansei 
2012  CN6-5  ICS Company 
2012  CN2-4  Brother
2013  CN10-3  Công ty Showavalse 
2015  CN 2.2  ANT mở rộng
2015  CN 2.5  CP mở rộng
2015  CN10-1  Leong Hub
2016  CN 2.9  MICON Co., Ltd
2016  CN7-3+7-4  Minh Phú
2016  CN8-1,2  Vifon
2017  CN7-1  SBC   
2017  CN 7-2  SBC (mở rộng)
2017  CN10-2  MG 
2017  CN10-3  Fuji Seiko

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