Quang Minh (344ha, full)

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Quang Minh Industrial Park is situated in Hanoi City with the total area of 344 ha and considered as one of the most attractive destination for investment of investors. Quang Minh Industrial Park has strategic location with advantageous connection to key roads in the region, which helps investors easily approach all markets. Moreover, TNI Holdings continues to invest and develop the overall infrastructure to meet investors’ requirement and expectations.

Until now, Quang Minh Industrial Park has attracted 181 local and international projects and become a well-known and successful location for investment in Vietnam.


Quang Minh Industrial Park situates along Bac Thang Long – Noi Bai Highway connecting Hanoi city center with Noi Bai international airport.

– Distance to Hanoi city center: 20km

– Distance to Noi Bai international airport: 04 km

– Distance to Hai Phong port: 110 km

– Distance to Cai Lan – Quang Ninh port: 160 km



1. Land condition:  

– The land is filled up with sand, compaction: K>=0.9.

– Ground level: 9m

2. Road system:  The internal road system is constructed to ensure vehicles to easily and conveniently move to each factory.
– Main road: 36 m and 60 m in width
– Branch road: 15 m and 24 m in width

3. Power supply system: The power supplied to Quang Minh Industrial Park is taken from two 22KV transmission lines from 110/22KV transformer station of Vinh Phuc Province. The High Voltage Network (22KV) is provided along the internal roads in the Industrial zone. Power source and power network ensure stable supply of electricity for production.

4. Water supply system: 
The water supply system with a capacity of 14,000m3/day ensures high quality and sufficient quantity to serve production and living needs to the fence of enterprises.

5. Wastewater treatment: All production and domestic wastewater shall be firstly treated by the enterprise to match minimum level C before discharging to the common wastewater system of the industrial zone, then the industrial zone will continue to treat to meet the regulated standards.

6. Telecommunication & IT Facilities: Telecommunication and information technology networks are qualified, modern and ready to meet the needs of enterprises.

7. Security system: The professional security team works and patrols regularly 24/24h to protect security and order, people and property in the industrial zone. Besides, there is a team to manage the traffic, ensure no traffic jam, convenient two-way traffic in the industrial zone.

8. Fire Prevention System: The industrial zone is equipped with most modern firefighting system, compliance with national legislation. Fire hydrants are installed on internal roads within the industrial zone.

Green trees: Green landscape in the industrial zone is planned along the internal roads, creating an airy landscape and protecting the environment.



1. Hospital: Bac Thang Long Hospital, Dong Anh District (13 km far from the industrial zone), Hospital E Hanoi (15km far from the industrial zone)

2. Post offices: Me Linh District Post Office (5km far from the industrial zone), Quang Minh Commune Post Office (2km far from the industrial zone).

3. Bus: Hanoi – Noi Bai – Hanoi bus from 5.30 am to 22pm.

4. Training institutions: The training system is very diverse (universities, colleges, intermediate schools)





It is located in Hanoi area, close to the center of Hanoi, Vinh Phuc manufacturing area

Distance to major cities

Ha Noi City: 18 km; Vinh Phuc center: 15 km

Nearest Seaport

Hai Phong seaport: 100 km;Quang Ninh- Cai lan seaport: 120 km

Nearest Airport

Noi Bai International Airport: 10 km

Nearest railway station

Ha Noi Station: 15 km



Planning area

344 hectares

Area available for rent

100% full occupied

Zoning map





Main Road: 60 m, 36 m; Branch Road: 24 m, 15 m in width


125 + 25 MVA


14.000 m3/day

Contact Info


Garbage disposal

being collected and classified by 3rd parties suppliers


Wastewater treatment plant has been completed to ensure the best environment protection


MSB, BIDV, Vietinbank

Training School

There are many colleges and vocational schools in Hanoi

Housing for workers

Dormitory for workers projects is on demand from tenants

Other gadgets



Rents do not have the infrastructure

2020 tenants is responsible to Hanoi Gorvenrment

The rental facilities

call Sale. TNI Holdings Vietnam

Electricity prices

EVN Ha Noi

water Rates

about 11.500 VND/m3

Labor costs

Zone 1: from 180 USD++

Solid waste disposal fee

By 3rd parties supplier

Wastewater treatment fee

Level A: from 0.15 USD/m3; Level B: from 0.45 USD/m3... (VAT excluded)

Management fee

0.35 USD/m2/year

Other expenses



In operational

from 2004

Fill rate


The enterprises in the IZ

110 investors from Japan, Korean, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia...

Investment Incentives

support from TNI Holdings




Quang Minh industrial park is located in the convenient area of Hanoi city, near Noi Bai airport, attract skilled workers, domestic logistics, warehouse and international route transportation.


No more land lot available


Closed to Hanoi capital, high density of population, close to main routes to the Central of Hanoi




Year of Invest Land Lot Tenant Projects
2003 13 Cty TNHH HệThống Năng Lượng tại V.Nam
2003 35 DN chế xuất Nitori Việt Nam  
2003 39-5 Công ty CP Hưng Thuận Phát
2004 20 Công ty TNHH Fitactiv Việt Nam 
2004 37-6 Công ty  cổ phần Sao Việt
2004 39-3 Công ty TNHH Khánh Chúc
2004 39G Công ty TNHH chế tạo động cơ ZongShen
2004 42A-1 Cty hóa phẩm thiên phẩm thiên nông 2
2004 45-2 Cty TNHH An Việt Hà Nội ( Lấy lại tiến manh)
2004 45-2 Cty TNHH MTV Bia rượu Ereson( Lấy lại Tiến mạnh)
2005 39-1 Cty TNHH Nippon Paint V.Nam (H.Nội)
2005 39-4 Công ty CP  Việt Nhật
2005 45-1 Cty CP ĐTKD T.Mại Thăng Long (cũ VietSing)
2005 7 Công ty cổ phần  V-Trac 
2005 15-1 Công ty CP dược phẩm Hà Nội
2005 33 Công  Ty TNHH Inoac Việt Nam 
2005 37-3 Cty TNHH công nghệ Muto Hà Nội
2005 41A Công ty TNHH Katolec Việt Nam
2005 47 Công ty TNHH ABESIM Việt Nam 
2006 1-Jun Công ty TNHH Logitem Việt Nam
2006 10A Công ty TNHH Thanh Mai; (Đơn vị thuê lại để SX  Cty TNHH CMS Vina)
2006 10B Cty CP Nhôm Việt Dũng
2006 37-4 Cty TNHH điện tử Asti Việt Nam
2006 37-5a Công ty TNHH Nihon Etching V.Nam
2006 37-5b Công ty TNHH in bao bao Hà Nội
2006 44 Công ty TNHH Terumo Việt Nam
2007 37-7 Công ty CP Việt Thành
2007 38G-1 Công ty TNHH Kintetsu Việt Nam
2007 38G-1 Cty TNHH Channel Well Technology V.N 
2007 39A2 Công ty TNHH Chun Fun
2007 41B Công ty TNHH Katolec Việt Nam
2007 49M-2 Cty TNHH công nghệ dược phẩm LoTus
2008 2-Jun Công ty CP TM&ĐT Hoàng Gia
2012 15-2,3 Công ty CP SX T.Mại Legroup
2013 42 Cty TNHH Tư vấn Y dược Quốc Tế( Thuê hạ tầng)
2013 42-2 Cty TNHH Thai Nakorn Patana VN
2015 3-Jun Cty CP thiết bị & dịch vụ Đồng Lợi 
2016 37-1 Cty TNHH Nidec Sankyo V.Nam (H.Nội)
2016 38&38-2 Cty CP dược mỹ phẩm May
2016 1 phần lô 38 Cty TNHH BLD mở rông
2017 Cty CP dược mỹ phẩm May mở rộng
2017  1 phần lô 38  Công ty TNHH tư vấn Y dược Quốc Tế 
2017 38-2 Công ty TNHH Hokuyo Việt Nam 
2017  1 phần lô 38  Medistar
2017  1 phần lô 38  Cty cổ phần in tài chính
2017 Công ty tư vấn Y dược Quốc tế
2017 Lô 37 Meiko

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