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Jul 2021

​On July 23, at the Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2020, the award “The Best Industrial Real Estate Developer in Vietnam in 2020” was awarded to TNI Holdings Vietnam Development Investment Joint Stock Company.​

This is a prestigious award announced by DOT Property annually. With the theme “Innovation”, the announcement and awarding ceremony of Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2020 honored outstanding developers of real estate projects, leading projects with many impressive contributions and achievements. pole for the development of Vietnam’s real estate industry this year.

Especially, in the field of industrial real estate, the Vietnamese market is emerging as an attractive address for the wave of investment movement of European and American businesses. Innovations in the field of FDI attraction of domestic industrial real estate developers will contribute to accelerate the process of attracting investment from Vietnam.

Mrs. Vu Thu Hang – Sales Director, TNI Holdings Vietnam representative received the award
TNI Holdings Vietnam – a member of TNG Holdings Vietnam is one of the pioneering enterprises in the field of industrial park infrastructure investment. With more than 20 years of construction and development, TNI Holdings Vietnam currently manages 11 industrial parks with a total area of over 2,000 hectares, with an average occupancy rate of 85%.

Until today, the industrial parks developed and managed by TNI Holdings Vietnam have attracted a total investment of nearly US $ 4 billion with over 400 domestic and foreign enterprises (coming from many countries such as Japan, China, and the US). , Germany, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan …), creating jobs for more than 300,000 workers, focusing on the fields of electricity, electronics, assembly technology, processing and food industry. , supporting industries for automobile manufacturing, weaving, dyeing and garments, …

By providing quality services throughout the industrial park’s value chain from investment, legal advice to development, factory leasing, industrial park operation management, and development of service types support for investors; attract domestic and foreign investment; leasing management and customer care system … TNI Holdings Vietnam has affirmed its position as the leading industrial park solution provider in Vietnam.

Mrs. Vu Thi Thu Hang, Sales Director of TNI Holdings Vietnam said that the award “Best Industrial Real Estate Developer in Vietnam” is a testament to the prestige and experience of TNI Holdings Vietnam and continues. affirming the sustainable value of TNI Holdings Vietnam industrial park projects in the domestic and regional real estate market. This will also be a driving force for TNI Holdings Vietnam to continue to rise, providing more quality products and services in order to bring the best investment environment.

As planned, in the next 5 years, TNI Holdings Vietnam will continue to invest, develop and exploit 5 new industrial parks at strategic trade locations across the country with a total scale up to nearly 1,500. ha. This plan is to seize the golden opportunity when the wave of factory relocation to Southeast Asian countries is taking place strongly.

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On July 23, at the Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2020, the award “The Best Industrial Real Estate Developer in Vietnam in 2020” was awarded to TNI Holdings Vietnam ...

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