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​After receiving the investment license from Ha Nam People’s Committee in 2006, Ha Nam Development JSC has been operating the Dong Van II Industrial Park. Since its establishment, Dong Van has become the preferred choice to lay the foundations of not only Vietnamese but also foreign companies, mostly Japanese companies such as Kalbas Vietnam, Honda Lock Vietnam, Eidai Vietnam, Honda Vietnam, Arai Vietnam and Fujigen Vietnam. In addition to its strategic location, Dong Van II Industrial Park also has abundant human resources, modern infrastructure, comprehensive support. As an integrated industrial park, Dong Van is a suitable place for many different industries such as electronics, food processing, automobiles, motorcycles, mechanics, etc. Through business activities, Dong Van prides itself on creating jobs for workers and contributing to the development of Vietnam’s industry and economy.

Dong Van II IZ, a multi-sector industrial zone, situated in Ha Nam province, commenced construction in 2006 with a total area of 323 hectares. Currently, Dong Van II IP has succeeded in attracting more than 50 investors from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, USA…with famous name such as Honda, Sumitomo, Cargill, Ace Technology…Dong Van II is considered as an attractive destination for investment in Vietnam.​

Multifunctional industrial park supporting electronic assembly, precision technology; food processing; textile production project

Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666


Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666


Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666



​​Planning area

​323 hectares

Area available for rent

​4 hectares

Zoning map


Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666


The infrastructure


​Main road 36 m and branch road 22 m in width​​


One sub-station equipped transformer 110kV – capacity of 40 MVA


​15,000 m3/day​​

Contact Info​

Garbage disposal​​



​4,000 m3/day


​Maritime Bank, BIDV, Vietcombank

Training School​​

Hanam Training school and colledge

​Housing for workers

Available to demand of tenant, large scale from 1000 workers dormitory

​​Land condition​​

​​The land is filled up with sand, compaction: K>=0.9
Ground level: 2.3m

​Security in the industrial zone​

​Dong Van II Industrial Park has established a police station near the IP to ensure order and security. Professional security forces have the responsibility to maintain security and order in the IP, ensure the security and safety of the factories in the IP and protect the employees, and well manage and protect foreign employees working and residing in the area. These advantages creates a favorable environment to attract investment and create favorable conditions for enterprises in the industrial zone to develop their business operation.​

​Fire protection​

​The water supply network for firefighting is designed in conjunction with the potable water supply network, which is located along the roads. The distance among fire hydrants is 120m -150m with a diameter of D125mm.

​Landscape coverage​

​Green trees are planted and taken care of in accordance with approved planning to ensure green – fresh – beautiful industrial zone.

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Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666



Rents do not have the infrastructure

​from 2021, tenants is to pay the land fee to Ha Nam Government

The rental facilities

​call Sale. TNI Holdings Vietnam

Electricity prices

​follow EVN

water Rates


​Labor costs

​Zone 2 - 250 USD ++

Solid waste disposal fee


Wastewater treatment fee

​Level A: from 0.15 USD/m3; Level B: from 0.45 USD/m3... (VAT excluded)

Management fee

​0.35 USD/m2/year

Other expenses

Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666



​In operational​

​from 2007

​Fill rate​


The enterprises in the IZ​​


​Investment Incentives​

​support from TNI Holdings

Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666


Construction management
​​Building Density
​Not to exceed 65% of the lot area. Floor area does not exceed 200% of the lot area
​Average height
​1-2 floors for factories, 1-4 floors for offices, the maximum height of each floor is 4m
​​Building Boundaries
​​Main buildings such as factories, offices, canteens, rooms (except for auxiliary works such as garages, transformers, engineering) must be built from the internal boundary of 6m and from the fence of the adjacent land lot. according to 3.5m.
Height limit
​The maximum building height does not exceed 13m vertical distance from the given foundation to the highest point of the roof.
​​The maximum height is 2.3m from the car road.
The fence between the lots is not higher than 2 meters and does not use barbed wire.
F​ire protection system and lightning roads
​​Maintaining an effective fire alarm system and fire fighting system for each building at the site.
Any structure within the lot must be equipped with a lightning rod of a suitable design.

Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666


Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666


Information of Dong Van Province

860.5 km2
800,000 people
Labor forces
60% of population in working age

Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666