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 TNI - ChiTietDuAn

Nam Sach Industrial Park is one of 3 industrial zones located in Hai Duong province developed by TNI Holdings Vietnam also is one the first industrial park in Hai Duong, which has been contributed to the local economy growth in recent near 2 decades. The industrial park is located in Hai Duong province (Ai Quoc, Cam Giang District) with the total area of 62 ha and considered as one of most attractive location for investment attraction in Hai Duong.

TNI Holdings Vietnam always places strong focus on investment in complete, integrated, modern and stable infrastructure: from transportation, electricity supply, water supply and drainage, telecommunication and IT. Moreover, TNI also provides wide range of service to support investors most effectively. With prominent location and condition, Nam Sach industrial park is an attractive location of both domestic and international investors. Currently, Nam Sach Industrial Park has succeeded in attracting more than 16 companies from Japan, Korean, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666


Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666


Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666



Planning area

62 hectares

Area available for rent

​100% full occupied

Zoning map,105.9271289/21.1475164,


Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666


The infrastructure


​Main road: 16.5 m, other road: 13.5 m


​Power supply to industrial zones from 35 kV to substation capacity of 30 MVA. From the total electricity substation supplied plants to the fence by 22 KV underground cables


​Capacity: 4500 m3/day​

​​Contact Info​

Modern information technology system serves the needs of communications such as telephone, Internet, cable TV, etc..​

Garbage disposal​

Solid waste from the factories in the industrial park will be sorting, collection and transfer of waste dumps focus of Hai Duong.


Capacity: 3600 m3/day​


​MSB, Vietcombank, ACB, Agribank, Techcombank...

Training School​

​Hai Duong vocational training college​

​Housing for workers

​Residential workers, housing specialists and managers

Land condition​

​The land is filled up with sand, compaction: K>=0.9
Ground level: 9 m​

Security system​

The professionally trained security forces have the responsibility to manage and maintain security and order, ensure the living and working environment for the whole Industrial Zone.​

F​ire Prevention System​

The industrial zone is equipped with most modern firefighting system, compliance with national legislation. Fire hydrants are installed on internal roads within the industrial zone.​

Green trees​

​Green landscape in the industrial zone is planned along the internal roads, creating an airy landscape and protecting the environment.

Other gadgets


Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666


Rents do not have the infrastructure​
​from 2021, tenants is to pay the land fee to Hai Duong Government
​The rental facilities​
​call Sale. TNI Holdings Vietnam
Electricity prices​
​EVN Hai Duong
water Rates​
​from m15000 VND/m3
​Labor costs
​Zone 2 - 250 USD ++
​Solid waste disposal fee​
​By 3rd parties supplier
Wastewater treatment fee

Level A: from 0.15 USD/m3; Level B: from 0.45 USD/m3... (VAT excluded)​​

Management fee
0.35 USD/m2/year
Other expenses

Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666



​​In operational

​from 2005

​Fill rate


The enterprises in the IZ

​28 investors from Japan, Korean, China and Taiwan, Hong Kong

​Investment Incentives

​support from TNI Holdings

Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666


Construction management
​​Building Density
​​Not to exceed 60% of the lot area. Floor area does not exceed 200% of the lot area
​Average height
​1-2 floors for factories, 1-4 floors for offices, the maximum height of each floor is 4m
​Building Boundaries
​​Main buildings such as factories, offices, canteens, rooms (except for auxiliary works such as garages, transformers, engineering) must be built from the internal boundary of 6m and from the fence of the adjacent land lot. according to 3.5 m.
Height limit
​The maximum building height should not exceed 13m vertical distance from a given foundation to the highest point of the roof.
​The maximum height is 2.3m from the car road.
The fence between the lots is not higher than 2 meters and does not use barbed wire.
Fire protection system and lightning roads
​​Maintaining an effective fire alarm system and fire fighting system for each building at the site.
Any structure within the lot must be equipped with a lightning rod of a suitable design.

Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666


Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666


Hotline: +84 971 375 888 / +84 981 873 666